14 Day Challenge - Day 14

14 Day Challenge – Day 14


Congratulations, you have reached the FINAL day of the program!


Firstly, I hope you’ve managed to get as much as possible from this program.


And I hope you have enjoyed the challenge. I know I have.


The past 13 days has just been a snippet of what I can offer as a coach and mentor.


The concept of this challenge was to help you lay the foundations for fat loss success, enabling you can build upon them and create a brand new approach and new perception towards weight loss and fat loss.


So, today I have a proposal for you. Please watch todays video (its about 14 minutes long) to see what the proposal is all about.


You’ve only scratched the surface of all the amazing tools I want to offer you, and you’ve seen how far you can come in such a short time. I’ve LOVED working with you, and I want to help you take this to the next level. I know how much we can achieve with more time together.


With my coaching service, you will get an unparalleled coaching system that will guarantee you excel and succeed. You will be working with me more personally and closely, to help you fast track your progress and results.


All for the cost of a cup of coffee per day!


And as a thank you for completing this challenge, you get a special discount!!


By using the code ZENFIT14DC you will get £100 off the cost of this program!


I have loved the past 2 weeks. I LOVE helping people realise their full potential, and I LOVE helping people achieve amazing things.


If you’re interested in joining the coaching program and set yourself up for success for the next 12 weeks, and want to claim your spot as soon as possible, click the link, enter the promotional code ZENFIT14DC and you will reserve your place.


Enrol HERE


Please note: The program is ONLY available to 10-15 people, and you ONLY have 4 days to enrol!


Limited time and space available, so if you really do want to make some big changes and sustain brilliant results, join before you miss out.


As always, if you have any questions, please drop me a message in the Facebook Group, or message me privately.

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