14 Day Challenge - Day 3

14 Day Challenge – Day 3


Today we are looking at calories, macronutrients and MyFitnessPal.


Nutrition is such a huge part of any health and fitness goals, and its important to create a sustainable approach to losing body fat, while still feeling energetic and satiated.


It’s not all about dieting as hard as you can, because that can end up in disaster.


Its about building a fantastic relationship with food and to help you feel as in control and empowered when it comes to your nutrition as possible.


Please watch todays video in todays section. It’s 7 minutes long, but will really help to inform you and educate you around calories, macronutrients and how to use MyFitnessPal.


Calculate your calories HERE


If you have any questions regarding your calorie target, please message me and I will help explain.


Please watch the MyFitnessPal user guide HERE


If you have any questions, please drop me a message in the Facebook group.


Have a great day, and see you tomorrow.

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