14 Day Challenge - Day 9

14 Day Challenge – Day 9


So today we are discussing habits, and creating a routine.


In today’s video I go over how you can start creating new habits, and how a structured routine could be a massive component towards you reaching your goals.


Take a look at the video and todays challenge.


I have also attached a habit building program. I would like you to download this and start looking through it. This should really help the process of creating good habits.


Click HERE to download the program.


Then we look at routine, and I would like you to do the next few tasks today:


1. Write down your goals
2. Write down how you feel your life is affecting those goals
3. Start creating a detailed schedule for the next few days and next week


The schedule can be created by using the download HERE


Use this schedule but only for the remainder of the week to complete what activity you are planning, and your calorie goals etc.


Once done, you can post into the group or message me, and I’ll be happy to look over it.


As ever, if you have any questions let me know, or just post them into the group.

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