I see endless amounts of people who work out day after day, week after week, and never progress. Don’t get me wrong it is great that people are working out, staying healthy and fit, but every now and again a new stimulus is required to promote improvement and progression.‘Plateau’ is a term often used for this, and is generally something you want to avoid to continually improve, and more importantly prevent boredom which will affect your motivation for exercise. If you can continually see an improvement, then you will feel far more motivated to continue with exercise.Don’t train to maintain, train to progress.

The principle of progression states that to improve physical performance and fitness, you must consistently increase physical demands on the body. When you work out, you should never finish feeling like the workout was easy. If it is, that’s your cue to place more demands on your body.

HOWEVER, do not just increase the load of weights by a wide margin, or attempt to run a marathon. Take your time and gradually increase your training. If you up your weights too soon, or attempt too much too soon, you risk serious injury. Progression also isn’t just how much you can lift remember. It can be the intensity of the workout, the length of your rest periods, the amount of repetitions you do or the volume of the the overall workout.

Increasing your work load gradually is the key to progressing and improving while doing so injury free. An example of this would be to perform 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions with a weight/load that will force you to fail on around rep 6-7. Then, by the end of a 6 week cycle, you should be able to complete the whole set. This shows steady progression and you can then re-adjust and change your training accordingly.

To measure your improvements, you will obviously be able to see via the increase in weight. A good way to monitor improvement is to take progress photos. Take a photo once a week. This will show you how much your body is changing. By doing so you will be able to see a jump shift in your physique. It is hard to check your progress with the naked eye as you see yourself every day, and progress will seem slower. Progress/training photos are the way to go!

Stay Strong!!