Cheat BIG!!!

You’re going to love this!!! Cheat meals…..

Cheat meals/days are quite well known throughout the health and fitness industry. However sometimes they are not done correctly. Here is a brief guide as to how your cheat meal/day can help you get to where you want to be….mentally and physically.

Recent studies have shown that a meal high in calories boosts the production of the hormone leptin. This hormone helps to regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger, therefore boosting your metabolism for 24 hours.
Having a cheat meal now and again also works wonders for your morale too. Leptin also regulates the body’s dopamine system, meaning you will feel in a better mood and have higher levels of motivation. Also, by treating yourself once in a while, you give yourself a greater chance of sticking to your training plans, according to studies.
The only thing is to not do it too often. Try to stick to an 80-20 principle. This is a diet of 80% healthy, nutritious foods and the other 20% made up of foods you really enjoy eating.
So when you cheat, make sure it’s a good one, and you get ready to hit your next workouts hard!!