Resting Metabolic Rate

What is Resting Metabolic Rate???

Basically, resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the amount of energy required by your body while resting. So this means the amount of energy it takes to breathe and function while not doing anything (i.e sleeping). Consider this your base level energy requirement for your body to function correctly and allow your blood to circulate, control body temperature and brain function.

Your RMR accounts for up to 70% of your daily energy expenditure. This isn’t including any exercise you may do that day.

The RMR of each person is different, and never stays the same. Various factors come into play such as sex, age, height, weight and body fat %.If you have more lean muscle, this is more metabolically active that fat, and therefore needs more energy to function. So simply put, the more lean muscle you have, and the less fat, the more food you can consume and enjoy. This is why you need to maintain  a good amount of lean muscle and lean body mass. Training in methods such as HIIT promotes this type of body composition.

Crash diets, something I despise, are known to reduce RMR, which is why when people come off a diet and start eating normally again, they tend to put on weight again quickly. This also contributes to struggling to rid of body fat.

Total Energy Expenditure

So your RMR is how much energy your body needs when resting. What about when you exercise?

Total Energy Expenditure is the amount of calories you burn per day by combining your RMR and physical activity level. Obviously this number is rarely the same day after day as levels of activity can differ. The calories used for activity include getting out of bed, walking to the shop, and of course working out. However do not get caught up in counting calories and steps per day. This will drive you nuts. Instead focus on your energy output, and learn to eat in line with your energy demands. So, for example, if you train 5 times per week for 1-2 hours each workout, you will require more energy than someone who sits at a desk all day and doesn’t work out at all. All pretty logical really.

So that is a brief article about energy expenditure and how it works. Try and find your ideal energy consumption guys and enjoy your food 🙂

Stay Strong!!