Why do we exercise?

This is a question which has many different answers. First and foremost, exercise is required to stay healthy and keep our body fat levels low. It is necessary for efficient function of out organs and processes throughout the body. Exercise used to be common place among cavemen and women, when either hunting for food or running away from being food!! And as we have become more sophisticated, with the creation of some fantastic technology, this need to exercise to survive is long gone. It is now a choice to exercise.

There are so many benefits of regular exercise. I’m not going to bore you with them right now. You’ve probably heard them 1000 times. They are the reasons we SHOULD exercise. But why DO we exercise?

Like I mentioned above, the answer to this question is entirely dependent on the person who is answering the question. Personally I exercise because it makes me feel great. You might think I’m talking complete bulls**t, but that’s honestly a key reason I am so enthusiastic about health and fitness. It makes me feel alive and I love the buzz after a great workout, knowing every time I perform a rep I’m getting closer to greater health and physical shape. Obviously there is a slight amount of vanity involved with most people when it comes to exercise. If you disagree with this I think you’re probably lying, either consciously or subconsciously. Seeing a six pack appear, or squatting a personal best, these things are what motivate most people. I am no different. While my primary objective to exercise is due to the fact I absolutely buzz off it, sure if I start to see a six pack or bigger arms I’m not going to complain.

Some people on the other hand are given prescriptive exercise. This is when somebody’s health has deteriorated to a level where they require exercise to improve their health. This is a completely new kind of motivation, and I feel the most powerful. There are some truly remarkable stories of people going from their death bed to becoming an absolute machine with their health.

There are also athletes. These guys have another motivation altogether. They strive to be the best. They will do anything to be the best. And train and eat to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. Success and legacies is what motivates these people to train day after day.

So there are many reasons people train. To improve, to better themselves, to look great, to feel great, to leave a legacy, to improve their health, the list goes on.

Why do you exercise? Have a think.

Stay Strong!!