Why do YOU love Health, Fitness and Exercise??

If you are reading this, I’m guessing you have a slight interest in the health and fitness industry, or are keen to get started on your journey to a higher level of fitness and greater health. That’s cool. I love that.

I could bang on all day about why I love fitness, how it became such a huge part of my life, and how I stay motivated and eager to improve. Buuuut….. I won’t. Instead, I’m asking you guys; What do you find so appealing about a workout? How does eating a healthy, nutritiously balanced meal make you feel? What motivates you to keep on pushing your body and mind?

Is it the fact that exercise releases ‘happy endorphins’ that help you to feel great? Is it because your skin has cleared up and you feel more energised by eating healthy, whole foods? Is it because you are sleeping better and deeper? Is it because you feel and look great? Is it because, (and this is a huuuuge one), you have so much more confidence in yourself?

I could literally go on all day and bore you to tears no doubt!! But its only 20 weeks until Christmas so I’ll keep it short.

So the reasoning behind this blog post isn’t to inform you of some new way of training, or how you can burn fat while sleeping. All I want to achieve from this post is for you to think about why you love health and fitness so much, or why you are about to start the epic journey that will change your life forever. And trust me…… it WILL change your life in so many awesome ways.

Have a think guys!!

Stay Strong!