Why Low Calorie Diets Suck!!!!

Have you ever tried a ‘diet’ in the past? I’m guessing you probably have.
Did you enjoy it? I’m guessing probably not. Could you imagine sustaining that diet for the rest of your life? I’m guessing probably not…. again.

So this is the big issue………you should never start a diet that you do not think is manageable for the rest of your days. And that’s a fact.
All you need to do to maintain a balanced and happy relationship with food is to add one word to the beginning of diet. That word is Healthy!! A healthy, balanced diet, combined with some form of regular exercise is all you need to drop a dress size or get the abs you’ve always wanted. Seriously guys. You can eat amazing food, and still burn calories and melt fat.
By starving yourself with a low calorie diet, all you are doing is depriving your body of vital nutrients, and also depriving yourself mentally, resulting in a much more likely chance of binge eating. If you eat well and often, you will feel more energised, stronger, fitter and happier than at any stage during any ‘diet’ you have ever tried. By checking out some of the recipes in this plan, you will not believe the quality of the food, and how it can actually help you get into great shape.
You probably think that by cutting calories you are burning body fat as a fuel source. While this is true initially, after a while your body starts to realise that something is not quite right. As fat is a calorie dense macronutrient, and provides the most energy, your body will cling onto this for dear life and its sets into survival mode. The human body will then use muscle tissue to provide energy. This is not what we want.
The way around this is to provide your body with fats. NO, not the polyunsaturated fats you get from nuts and French fries, but the good fats such as monounsaturated fats from foods such as nuts and avocados. Not only do these fuel the body very effectively, they are also known to be great in helping keep hair shiny, skin clear and eyes healthy.

Stay Strong!!