Small Group Personal Training

What exactly is Small Group PT? And what are the benefits?

Small Group Personal Training is when a group of 4-6 people have a combined Personal Training session. This is slightly different from semi-personal training and vastly different from one on one Personal Training.

The benefits of group pt are that the cost of the training session can be spread among all participating clients, and therefore makes the whole session far more affordable. I have also found in my experience of taking group pt sessions that my clients respond to each other very effectively. By allowing chat’s in between sets, the work rate increases during the actual working phase. Also, whether subconsciously or not, it almost becomes competitive, and this drives their training on, resulting in a more accomplished, effective workout.

The downside to group pt is that the clients do not get as much attention as if you were taking part in semi or one on one PT. The trainer simply cannot focus 100% on each client, and therefore the service is not quite as comprehensive as one on one or semi PT.

The greatest benefits of group pt (in my opinion) is that it can be fun, challenging and more cost effective and therefore more enjoyable. It is available for friends, co-workers, small sided teams (e.g. netball, volleyball etc) and many more.

So if you have some apprehension regarding one on one PT, or would simply like to train with friends and get fit together, then group PT is for you 🙂