Can I train if I have a cold or feel unwell?

Coming down with something? Sometimes a workout is the best thing you can do to help you feel better, but there are times when you need to rest. Read on for a couple of ways to see which will suit you best when you feel unwell…..

If you have a Fever

You need to stay home and rest. Having a fever means your immune system is very low due to fighting an infection, so your body doesn’t need to deal with stress from exercise as well. Make sure you rest up and fully recover. Stay hydrated!

If you have a Cold

Cold’s are horrible, and they make people miserable, however this doesn’t doesn’t rule out exercise. Moderately intense workouts are fine when you have a common cold. If you go to a gym when you have a cold, use hand sanitizer and wipe off any surfaces you touch so you don’t contaminate your gym buddies.

Lack of sleep the night before

The best remedy for this is to get out of bed and get going. A morning workout will be the ideal tonic to get your day off to a flyer. One restless night wont affect you too much, However, if you always feel fatigued (to the point of not being able to function correctly), skip the workout and see your doctor. If you are always fatigued it may be a sign of illness.