Eggs. A super food?

Eggs cause a bit of debate. Good or bad? Since the 50′s they have been used as a staple for breakfast, and after Rocky started downing them in the mid 70′s they became the go to food for body-builders and gym goers.

In the past they have been tarnished with the title of raising cholesterol therefore leading to heart disease. This has now been debunked (eggs have now been proven to reduce the chances heart disease and a stroke), and, if eaten in moderation, (like everything else), can be a fantastic way of getting B vitamins (essential for sustained energy), into your daily requirements. They pack 6g of quality protein per egg for a measly 75 calories. That sounds like a super food to me. Eggs are cheap, and can be cooked in a variety of different ways. Due to their soft consistency, they also stick to the tongue, which in turn amplifies flavour.

In my opinion, eggs are a super food and are a fantastic, cheap way of getting in some crucial vitamins and minerals along with a good hit of protein for minimal calorie intake. Also……don’t bin the yolks. They contain tonnes of calcium, iron and b-vits.

What are you waiting for….get cracking!!!