TRX Suspension Training

Personally, I am a massive fan of TRX suspension training. For such a simple piece of kit, the variety of workouts and muscles used are second to none. If you haven’t tried it yet I seriously recommend you do so. If done correctly, your training will never be the same again. Here are some of the main benefits of TRX training……..

1.Suitable for Everyone

It literally doesn’t matter if you’re an Olympic athlete at the top of your sport, or a newbie just starting out in fitness; TRX suspension training is perfect for any level of athlete. Just by adjusting your body position slightly, the load on your muscles can be increased or decreased. This means anyone can use this method of training.

2. Its so versitile

With just 2 bands of material, the TRX kit is easily transported anywhere and can be used on trees, door frames, and anywhere secure enough to attach the equipment.

Improve fitness in more ways that one

TRX exercises and workouts not only improve your muscle strength, but also your cardiovascular endurance. You can do this by changing the speed at which you perform the exercise. This gives the heart and lungs a good workout too.

You can train for anything

Because of its versatility, the TRX suspension training can help you achieve any goals you wish. You may wish to gain muscle, strength, tone up, lose weight or even train for a marathon or triathlon. TRX can get you there!!

Your whole body gets a workout

Because of the nature of the TRX and the instability that it creates, the movements you perform means that your core is constantly activated. The functional movements mean that many muscles are worked at the same time, resulting in a whole body workout.

The risk of injury is very low

TRX suspension training is very low impact. Your joints are not put under much stress at all. This, in turn, results in a low risk of injury, allowing you to train harder.

It’s different to any other form of training

Sometimes working out and training can get boring and tedious. The beauty of the TRX is that is is so different from many other form of training that it constantly keeps exercising interesting and varied. Instead of pounding the treadmill for 45-50 minutes, try a TRX workout and the results will be much more profound, helping to keep your motivation high and the drive to continually progress.