Fitting in Exercise

Today’s lifestyles can be so hectic and chaotic, that it may seem impossible to find time to exercise. This is the reality that we live. However, I have compiled a list of ways to sneak in a workout a day to help you become fitter, stronger, in better shape and most importantly of all, feel awesome and energised.
Take a look at the list below, and see if you can make any of these tried and tested ways work for you……..

Turn your daily commute to work into a workout

This is a great way not only to get into great shape, but also to save money. Obviously if you have to commute 50-60 miles, you probably can’t run to and from work every day. But if you only have a few miles to travel, a morning and evening walk or run can easily be achieved. A daily cycle to work is also not out of the question and is a great way to get endorphins pumping through the body before you get to work. You’ll feel more energised and more productive throughout the day.

Set your alarm early

By joining the early morning exercise team, you get to cross your daily workout off the to-do list for each day ASAP. I’m not telling you to skip out on sleep, as sufficient sleep also helps fat burning, however there are ways to get out of bed earlier than normal and get your workout done. It will be tough to begin with, trust me on that, but when you get into the routine after a few weeks you’ll start to feel fantastic. Maybe go to bed in your workout clothes. Then get up and smash your workout straight away.

Get a sneaky lunchtime workout in

By fitting in a workout during the 60 minutes or so that you have for your lunch break, you’ll not only increase fitness levels, but you will feel far more productive for the afternoon and the mid day exercise will help to stave off the hunger monster for the rest of the working day.

Workout with the kids

If you have kids, and are finding it tough to find time to work out, why not include them. Take out the stroller/push pram and go for a long walk. With a stable stroller you can even turn that walk into a run. Not only do you get to spend time with the kids, but you can get fitter at the same time.

Couch Workout

Work out while watching TV. There is no better way to catch up on your favourite series than by doing some squats at the same time. Your workout will fly by and you’ve managed to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Clear some space in front of the TV. Move your dumbbells, jump rope, and other fitness tools near to prompt you if needed.

Stay Strong!!