Lacking Motivation? Don’t Panic!!

The journey of transforming yourself into a lean, mean, fighting machine isn’t easy. In fact, it’s pretty damn tough. Some days you will have absolutely zero motivation to continue with your exercise and nutritional program. You’ll want to sit in from of the TV with a pizza and fall asleep. We all have bad days. And believe me when I say that. Everyone does. I don’t care if you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger or Betty from next door. Everybody falls off the wagon at some point. The important thing is that we get back on!!

Maybe you are lacking motivation because you are struggling to see any progression when you look in the mirror, or you see somebody on social media who has made greater progress than yourself. Maybe you have had a bad day eating fast food and you feel all of your graft and effort now counts for nothing.
In all honesty, this happens. Don’t worry about it. You will have low days, but you will also have fantastic days. You’ll have days where you destroy a workout and smash your healthy eating, and days where you find it really hard going.

All of this is completely normal. Everybody goes through these emotions at some stage of their life. The key to beating these feelings however, is to think positively and remember your end goal. Remember that you are progressing every day and each workout and healthy meal is a step in the right direction. Think of your bad day as a chance to re set, and push even harder from there.

Just promise yourself that you won’t give up. The journey towards a leaner, fitter body is exactly that. A journey. It is not a race. Don’t be in a rush for fat loss. Anything that works so quickly is usually not sustainable for the rest of your life, which is what we are trying to achieve. We need to create a lifestyle that you can carry out for the rest of your days.

Always think about your target. Your end goal. Why you started this new way of exercising and eating. Think about how great you feel and how much more energy you have.
So don’t feel down. Think positively, get back on that wagon, and go smash the next day like it’s never been smashed before.