Zenith Fit’s Top Tips to keep lean this Christmas

Keep Eating Healthily

The key to staying slim is to carry on eating the same healthy diet that you maintain all year round. Then having the occasional treat or ‘blow out’ over the Christmas period won’t be as damaging as you’d think. Try and make as many good choices as possible, as well as maintaining an exercise regime over the Christmas holidays.

Don’t skip Breakfast

Breakfast has been proven to help weight loss or maintain a healthy weight. By eating breakfast, you are allowing your body to gather vital nutrients for everyday functions, as well as staving off hunger later in the day. By eating wholegrain foods such as porridge and muesli, or high protein foods such as eggs or yoghurt, you will stave off hunger, so you don’t eat the whole biscuit tin mid-morning.

Keep Up Those Good Habits

Keep up the good work. Just because its Christmas doesn’t mean all your hard work during the year should be thrown out of the window. Just maintain your healthy eating and exercise during this period, and when you start up again in full swing in January, it will be easier to get back to where you were pre-Christmas.

Enjoy a Little of What You Fancy

Now I’m not saying you need to be a complete saint over Christmas. Yes, you can enjoy a treat now and again. But make sure that it’s not in large amounts, and not every day. That can become a slippery slope. So little treats now and again will actually have a positive effect on your weight loss, as you will feel satisfied with what you have had, and the damage will be minimal.

Don’t say ‘I’ll start tomorrow’

This is where most people slip up. If you are having a few too many treats or slip up regarding your exercise, we, as humans, tend to think, ‘I’ll start my new exercise program tomorrow’. Or, especially at this time of year, ‘I’ll start on January 1st’. This isn’t good. Most of the time that motivation fades away and we end up not doing anything. So instead of this, just steadily keep on track, and don’t slip up too much. That way you can afford some time off from it all.
Even better, do what you say you are going to do straight away, while the motivation is still flowing through your veins.

Get Some Positive Attitude

Be positive about your exercise and nutrition. There is nothing harder than feeling negative about it and then feeling un motivated or un inspired. Always think positively. Always believe in yourself and your ability to reach your goals. This will help you put down that second biscuit or third glass of wine.
Most of all, Enjoy yourself!!!

The most important thing about this time of year is enjoyment. Don’t end up counting every calorie or reading the nutritional information of every item of food you eat. Everything in moderation. As long as you don’t go absolutely wild with your food and stop exercising completely, then all will be well. Enjoy yourself with peace of mind that you will train twice as hard and eat twice as well once the Christmas period is over.