Burn Fat in the Sun

Life seems so much better in the sun.

All the health gurus in California and Australia seem to have it all right?

Well, it has now been proven that a daily dose of Vitamin D from the big yellow guy in the sky can have a big effect on your fat loss goals.

It is all down to something called brown fat, which is usually associated with the extreme cold.

The brown adipose tissue, upon being activated, releases up to 300 times more heat than any other tissue in the body, helping you to burn calories without any extra effort. But now it is believed that you don’t have to sit in the snow in just your underpants to get the benefits of brown fat in all its glory.

Exposure to sunlight can also have the same affect on brown fat cells. Recent studies showed that the fat cells just beneath the skin shrink when exposed to sunlight. When this blue light hits the cells, lipid droplets shrink and are then released from the cells, resulting in you not being able to store as much fat in intense sunlight. Meaning that the sun can help you burn fat. Literally melt away the fat.