My week – Tuesday’s Training

Hey guys,

Tuesdays can be really difficult days when it comes to motivating yourself to exercise. Thats why on Tuesdays I push myself even harder than any other day of the week. I see it as an opportunity to really kick my week into overdrive, and I head into Wednesday full of motivation and energy.

Currently my training is based around athletic training. I train as hard as possible for 45-50 minutes with minimal rest. As the saying goes ‘if you want to look like an athlete, you’ve got to train like an athlete’. And its really paying off. I have never felt so dynamic and sharp, not to mention my body fat % is steadily below 8% on a consistent basis. It really suits me, and it’s manageable in my daily life. It fits into my busy works schedule where I am training clients for 12-14 hours per day.

Nutritionally, I am cutting my calories to 2700 per day in order to really drop body fat but maintain my muscle definition. Tis will be part of my daily schedule for the next week and I’ll keep you all updated on my progress next week.

So if you’re looking for the ‘athletic look’, then you gotta train like one 😉