Adaptation & Overload

Every single workout ever created has one thing in common. Progressive overload.

So what is progressive overload?

This is the gradual increase in weight, intensity, volume and frequency of training to help you reach a specific goal. So progressive overload, simply put, is the small adjustments you make to each training session different and slightly tougher than the last.

Any exercise such as squats, biceps curls, running, heavy Olympic lifts or even yoga are all designed to progressively overload in order to adapt and improve. The very nature of exercise is an adaptive process. Thats why we do it (why we love it).

So thats why by expecting almost instant results, you’re going to be disappointed. Progression takes time. Yes you can speed things up slightly by changing certain training variables, but to progress effectively, the patience muscle has to be worked also.

This is why an exercise program or plan is a great way to progressively overload as safely and efficiently as possible.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are you.