Wednesday – ‘HUMP DAY’

Hey guys,

Wednesday is a day we either love or hate. You can look at it in two ways. Either half the week is over and the weekend is in sight, or the weekend in ‘only’ half way through.

Me, personally don’t care either way for Wednesdays. This may sound extremely cheesy but I actually love my work so the days don’t really matter. I work 7 days a week in one way or another, and am so passionate about what I do that this doesn’t affect me in any way. Its now a way of life.

Anyway, thats enough of my preaching……

Today is going to be a productive day. I have 12 hours of PT to get through first, starting at 6.30am until 9pm. The food I eat is crucial to maintaining my energy levels for this duration.

I literally stick to the nutritional program I provide my clients. Lower carbohydrates with higher quantities of proteins and fats, along with at least 3 litres of water. This works for me and provides me with more than enough energy to crack on with my day.

In between my sessions I’ll try and be as responsive as possible to any inquiries or emails from current clients. I’ll also spend time on each of my social media platforms and create and edit any videos that are due to be posted.

I’m also in the process of writing a new recipe book so I’ll spend an hour or so creating some new recipes that are healthy but also delicious (I hope).

Fr my workout I am focusing on my legs, however I will still train as athletically as possible. If I spend longer that 50 minutes in the gym I’ll be annoyed. So I combine strength exercises such as deadlifts, with explosive exercises such as squat jumps or box jumps. This way I can utilise cardio while still achieving the ‘gains’.

So thats Wednesday (as planned anyway).

See you soon.