Friday – Getting Ready for the Weekend!!!

It’s Friday folks, and a day which I’m sure most of you long for.

Friday is a big day when it comes to your health and fitness. After a long week of working, working out and eating well, you are feeling tired stressed, and de-motivated. We head to the local takeaway on the Friday. We go for a few drinks on the Saturday. We have another takeaway on the Sunday to cure the hangover.

We’ve all been there.

BUT……Just imagine if your weekend was a bit more clean. Just imagine if you stayed sensible with your eating, and still got a workout in on the Saturday. With these combined efforts, you will start the Monday in fantastic condition and mood. This will enable you to make the progress you strive for, and not have to start the week on the back foot after a weekend of high calorific foods.

The progress will be IMMENSE if you can #staystrong and do this consistently for JUST 1 MONTH.

Check your progress after that month, and this should provide enough motivation to be able to kick on into the next month.

My weekend is going to be pretty sharp. I’m going to eat well, exercise hard and start next week feeling like superman. Thats the plan anyway. Why not join me?