Holidays…..Will I lose my progress???

Hi guys,

Zenith Fit is back with a NEW blog post regarding if you will undergo any loss of progression if you go on holiday and ‘let loose’ for a few days.

I came back from holiday yesterday. I was away from the gym, and my normal routine for a few days. For someone like me who loves a good routine, you would think this would be tough, and yes it was initially.

BUT, I know as much as anyone that our bodies need to rest and recover just as much as regular exercise is a great thing.

So I decided to do a small experiment.

I decide that over the course of these 4 days, I wasn’t going to exercise AT ALL (killer for me).

I wasn’t going to worry about my nutrition.

I was going to drink alcohol and enjoy the time with my friends.

Before I left (actually a few hours prior to leaving), I took a ‘progression picture’, with the sole aim of taking a second picture upon my return to assess the ‘damage’ the 4 days ‘binge’ had on my body.

So, I flew off to sunny southern Spain and had a few days away from the normal routine.

My findings were pretty cool actually.

So, upon my return yesterday, I took another progression picture, and, as you can see by the blog picture, there was minimal change, if any, to my physique. And this was with eating pizza, burgers and drinking alcohol in excess (I did eat the odd salad in all honesty).

Yes, I didn’t feel as great as normal. I felt a lot more tired and sluggish, but thats nothing a few nights sleep and a regular diet wont solve.

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting the results to be as good as they were, and I was pretty happy.

What Now??

So now, I am getting back to it. This week I am going to counteract the bad nutrition with a really positive, healthy week of eating great, non processed foods, drinking my 3-4 litres of water each day again, and exercising like a beast.

Then, at the weekend, I will take a new progression picture to show how my composition has changed again after a week ‘back in the grind’.

So, my conclusion to this mini experiment is that life isn’t so unfair that if you do have a Holiday and exercising isn’t possible, or you just want to relax and enjoy, then your results will be affected minimally. I’m going to use it as a positive as I can now re assess my training and eating, and move onto the next level.

So go and enjoy yourself, and just know that you will probably have to counteract the week with a good week the following. But thats part of the challenge, and part of why it’s so rewarding when you achieve your goals.