Unlocking Your PMA

I’ve spoken about it many times, but PMA(Positive Mental Attitude) can be a huge influencer in your quest to reach your health and fitness goals.

Now, while PMA is a fairly straight forward thing to grasp (at least in the short term), its obtaining the habits to help create a Positive Mental Attitude all day, every day. Habits take time to come to fruition, and you have to train the mind, as well as the body, in order to fulfil your physical and mental potential.

So here I have come up with 5 ways to help create that PMA Lifestyle:

Think About Your WHY……

You may think that by ‘why’ I mean your goals. However this goes much deeper. You might have set a goal of losing weight, or run a marathon, which is fantastic, but then ask yourself ‘why?’. Why do you want to lose weight? Because you want to get healthier? Because you want to fit into that dress from last year? Because you want to be able to do more with the kids? It can be any of these reasons. And once you understand your why, you can really dig deep and visualise when motivation gets low.

Don’t Be Too Down On Yourself……

End goals and targets are great, but if you dont reach your goal in the timeframe you set out, don’t be too down on yourself. Instead flip that feeling and assess how far you’ve actually come. A good way to keep motivated and keep track of how well you’re doing is to celebrate each milestone along the way. Celebrate the small steps just as much as you would celebrate reaching your main objective.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others….

This is something pretty much everyone does. I’m sure of it. I do it too. Comparing ourselves to someone else. Its human nature. But one of the keys to creating that PMA is to try and stop this. Stop it NOW! Everybody is different. Everybody has their own strengths. Everybody starts at a different fitness level. Aim to be the best YOU can be, not somebody else. Usually comparing yourself to someone, (especially on social media), can lead to us feeling down and despondent.; If you find yourself doing this, give yourself a quick tap on the hand, something that will actively put you off doing it again. Yes this might sound a bit daft, but it works.

Surround Yourself With Positive People…….

You’ve probably heard this one before. It’s commonly used in the business world that if you surround yourself with successful people you are far more likely to be successful. Well, in the fitness world, surrounding yourself with positive people can only lead to you feeling more positively about things. They will help lift you higher, support your goals and help keep you on track in times of need. Dont waste your life clinging onto relationships that aren’t good for you.

Get Started NOW………

This can often be the most difficult part. Getting started today instead of tomorrow. We can tend to wait for the perfect moment to start something. But guess what…..there are no perfect moments to start. For some reason we tend to resonate that Mondays are the best time to start something, but why not start today. Then by next Monday you’ll have a head start on the date you were originally going to start. And by starting NOW you can really start to gain momentum and already feel a sense of achievement by actually starting before next Monday comes around. Join a gym, throw away the crisps, do a home workout. Whatever you want to start, START NOW!!!