The Best Training For Fat Loss

So, what is the best form of training for fat loss?

This is a question I get asked A LOT! It is something that everybody wants to know the answer to. And is something that is actually relatively simple.

The answer is…. All of them.

This is because, to lose fat, training should play a crucial role. It helps to create a calorie deficit. All forms of exercise create a calorie deficit; therefore, the exact type of training becomes less important.

Yes, some forms of training may elevate your heart rate more than others, but in the mort simplistic terms, training and exercising consistently will help to create a calorie deficit, which, if applied with correct nutrition, will aid fat loss.

This is all well and good. But what happens when we get bored of just training? Well the key to being able to consistently train without boredom is to mix it up. To continually change your training and exercise. This not only helps us mentally, but also continually creates a new stress and stimuli to push your body to a new level. Our bodies adapt rather quickly to exercise, so by changing the stimuli, we can continue to promote progressive overload, which is the gradual increase in stress placed upon the body by physical exercise. By doing this consistently, you will burn fat more efficiently.

What training can I use to burn fat?

Like I mentioned above, all types can promote fat loss. However, these can really help you to accelerate the process:

High Intensity Cardio:

This is such a simple form of training, but one of the most effective. High Intensity Interval Training (also known as HIIT), typically involves working at a frenetic pace for 20-90 seconds, followed by a much slower pace for anything between 20-120 seconds. This is then repeated for 15-20 minutes. The beauty of this training method is that you can use any cardio of choice. Run, swim, cycle, row, you name it. It works. How does it help burn body fat? Well studies have shown that HIIT is great at stoking up your metabolism. So, it’s a good method if you want to lose fat quickly.

Strength Training:

Believe it or not, lifting weights can help to burn fat. Yes, it’s true!! But how?? Well studies have shown that following an intense weights training session of at least 45 minutes, your post exercise metabolic rate (the rate at which you continue to burn calories after you finished exercising), remains high. Basically, you will continue to burn calories even after you have left the gym. Also, as you have built muscle, your body composition will improve. You have built lean muscle as well as losing body fat, revealing a more athletic physique. So lifting weights is a great way to achieve lean muscle as well as burn body fat.

Low-Intensity Cardio:

For a lower level of stress on the body, but still aiding the loss of body fat, low intensity cardio could be very beneficial. The reason being, is that low intensity training has been shown to help improve your immune system, while high intensity training may have a more negative effect on your immune system. While high intensity may help to burn fat at a quicker rate, lower intensity shouldn’t be overlooked as the low impact and low stress aspect of this form of training won’t leave you feeling low from overtraining. You will be able to train for longer and more often, while still burning calories in the process.

So, in summary, all three of these types of training can really help you to burn body fat. I suggest mixing them up to keep your mind fresh, and body guessing.