Kitchen Tips to a Healthier Life

Mastering the kitchen is the biggest battle towards a healthier body and lifestyle. Its not easy to keep control of your diet for the hours that you are awake during the day.

Thats why I have devised 5 simple tips to help you finally master your kitchen, and your way around nutrition

1. Planning

I know it can be a bit of a pain. But try and plan your meals at the start of the week. You;’ll be surprised by how much more time to gives you during the week, and It’ll help you stick to a healthier diet easier.

2. Buy a Blender

Again this can be a massive time saver. If you haven’t got time to chop up some veg…..Blend it. I use mine for obvious things this soups and smoothies, but you can also use for sauces and dips. Smoothies and soups are also a really great way to batch cook and freeze. Leading me onto my next point…..

3. Batch Cooking and Freezing

Batch cooking is a great, time efficient way of sticking to a healthy diet. The idea is that you cook more than you need. Divde into portions. And freeze. Then when you need a meal quickly, its already prepared. All you have to do is take not out of the freezer and warm it up.

4. Always keep your Cupboards Stocked Up

There is nothing worse than going to the cupboard for some food and it being bare (well there are worse things but this is extremely annoying). This is when we usually tend to go for convenience foods which are lower in nutritional value. So by keeping your cupboards stocked up, this will always Gove you a great chance to eat a wide variety of healthy, wholesome foods.

5. Spice It Up

To prevent boredom with your food, keep your herb and spices rack fully stocked uyp. This is a great way to keep your food interesting and stop you searching for some extra flavour from processed foods.

So, by using these very simple tips, hopefully it can help to you keep on track with a healthier diet, and help you reach a new level of health and fitness.