Holding Yourself accountable

When it comes to health and fitness, it can be extremely hard too motivate and inspire yourself. This is why I have a profession. People need guidance and support. Help with their nutrition, training, and self motivation.

I love my job.

Literally love it.

And also having a personal training helps to bring a certain level of accountability to the whole equation.

But what happens when your personal trainer isn’t around??

I’m guessing you only have a PT for 1-2 hours per week. On top of this you’ll get the obvious support nutritionally as well as motivationally.

But when your PT isn’t there, how do you inspire yourself? How do you keep on track.

Because this is when it can become very easy to ‘fall off the wagon’, so to speak.

When nobody is looking.

If nobody see’s you eat that 4th biscuit, it doesn’t count, right?


This is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the whole new lifestyle you bare trying to create.

Now, while your PT may well be on top of things for the majority of the day. This is when it becomes crucial you hold YOURSELF accountable.

How much do YOU want to succeed?

How much do you want to actually get the results you desire.

Because, when the push comes to shove, how can you motivate yourself when nobody is around?

And that is the key to sustainable success!

So make sure you hold yourself accountable for your actions.

There is only so much a PT can do. The rest is up to you!!!