If you want to change your world……..Make Your Bed!!

Small things can make all the difference……..

I’m sure you looked at the title and wondered what the hell I’m going on about.
I read an article about the Navy Seals.
Yes, once again, proving how much of a loser I am.
I digress…..
The article was discussing the habits and tasks a Navy Seal has to accomplish each day.
Every bloody day.
To immaculate levels.
The very first thing the have to do, is make their bed.
For guys who are warriors….
(If you don’t know who the navy seals are they are the elite of the elite soldiers)
This seems fairly mediocre, right?
Making a bed…
How is that going to help them win a war or complete an operation?
Well……..massively, it turns out.
This simple, yet very effective task, shows how every minute detail can make all the difference.
By starting the day making your bed.
You are setting a certain level of discipline.
You are proving to yourself you have the self discipline and control to achieve any task that day.
Our day should be full of tasks.
And we should make our way through them over the course of the day.
So by completing the first, somewhat simple task.
You are subconsciously setting yourself up to succeed with the days other tasks.
Whatever they may be.
A successful person starts the day well.
Making the bed is paramount to this.
So bear this in mind this morning when getting up.
Plus, if you have a shit day….
At least you come home to a made bed.
And thats a win