Rest…..But Don’t Rest

I trained my legs the other day.
Tuesday I think it was.
Caned them.
Its a definite weakness of mine so I need to push them.
(Side note: If you feel you are particularly weak in one area, double down on it)
Tried new exercises to try and create a different stimuli to what my legs have been used to.
Woke up the next day.
My legs were on fire.
Which is great.
Don’t fear the D.O.M.S 
(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
((Or just aching like mad))
Its the kind of ache where its difficult to stand up without pulling some sort of face.
But thats good.
I found a weakness within my legs.
And pushed it.
So all good.
But then, what most will do, is bugger all for the next few days.
Which can be detrimental (Big word of the day) to your overall recovery.
Yes rest is important.
But Active Recovery will be required here.
What I mean by this is you can still walk, jog, cycle, swim.
And it will actually help to alleviate (Second big word of the email) your soreness.
So don’t just sit and ‘rest’ aka Do Nothing.
Get out for some active recovery.
It’ll help you in the long run, and you’re still burning calories.
Bloody hell I used 2 big words today in this blog….
Giving Einstein a run for his money.
So if you need any help with your DOMS or with recovery.
Give me a holla……
Email, WhatsApp, Facebook….Whatever you like.
Or if you want to take the next step with your health and fitness…..
Check out the Zenith Fit programs…