The Art Of Failure

When we look back through history……
Its littered with greats.
The list goes on and on.
And all of the greats have one thing in common.
They have failed.
Edison tried over 6000 experiments before he discovered electricity.
Einstein couldn’t speak fluently until he was 9.
Newton never fully understood what gravity was.
However, when we look back through history.
Nobody takls about the failures.
Its all about the success they achieved.
And how did they achieve this success?
By not letting failure stop them.
Failure is the greatest tool you will have in your search of your goals.
Because without failing.
We don’t learn.
Don’t be afraid to fail.
In fact.
Embrace it.
Because you will get better from it.
So, if you hit a brick wall at some point.
You haven’t failed.
You’ve learned.
And will get stronger from it.
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