You Are Not Lucky!!!

You are not lucky.
Your just not!!!
If we achieve something of significance.
Whether this be Fat loss.
A promotion at work.
Becoming an Olympic champion.
Whatever it is.
We usually have the same response.
‘I am so lucky’
‘I was in the right place at the right time’.
‘I avoided injury so it was easier’.
What got me going about this was when someone said to me that Jonny Wilkinsons last minute drop gaol in the 2003 Rugby World Cup final was ‘lucky’.
I was like, what???
What the hell are you talking about??
So I’m welsh.
And this hurts me to praise the England Rugby team.
But credit where credits due.
The hours and hours of practice to achieve that ‘luck’ was immense.
The guy himself, Wilkinson, never stopped.
Rarely rested.
Was obsessed with his own performance.

Was obsessed with becoming the best.


And more practice.
And after years of practice.
He got ‘Lucky’.

Just to let you all know.
There is no such thing as luck.
We all do things and make choices in our lives that lead us into certain situations that create this ‘luck’.
So you see what I mean?
It’s our own personal choices that finally create the situation in our lives that we class as ‘lucky’.
Even if you win the lottery.
You have taken the necessary steps in life to be in the situation where you bought the winning ticket.
It’s not luck.
You just took the necessary steps.
Whether you knew it or not.
So what I’m getting at here is don’t ever think you’re lucky.
You have worked bloody hard to achieve what you call ‘luck’.
Give yourself some more credit.
Oh, and don’t confuse it with arrogance.
Just give yourself a pat on the back.
Well done amigo!!

Now let’s go make some more luck!!