How To Beat The Cravings……

Cravings are something I think we can all associate with. Now and again we just want something so badly that we cannot stop thinking about it. Sound familiar?

This is especially prominent when somebody is dieting. And the main reason we crave foods when we diet…..Because we restrict ourselves so much. So much so, that our bodies which are used to certain foods that are no longer available to it, makes you believe that you need that’s food. And we end up binge eating and overeating.

You may feel when you are dieting that you need to just eat healthy foods. Cut out sugar and fatty foods. Right? Well this is the old way of dieting. A way that rarely worked. And a way that was definitely not sustainable for the duration of your life.

So how can we diet, and not crave certain foods all the time?

The answer, allow yourself something you love every single day. That’s right. Every single day of the week.

I am a massive believer in counting calories as the best way to burn body fat. Its and if you count your calories, it can open up a whole new world of nutrition to you. You’ll see that if you stay within a calorie deficit required to burn body fat effectively, then you can enjoy a biscuit or two, or a chocolate bar, or a packet of crisps, every day. AS LONG AS IT’S WITHIN YOUR CALORIE DEFICIT TARGET!

That’s the big take home from this. You will still need to be in a deficit to burn body fat, and you will still require the vast majority of your diet to be healthy, wholesome foods. But by allowing ourselves a treat on a daily basis, we will start to create habits that are sustainable, while still helping you to reach your goals.

It won’t be easy to begin with. In fact, it will be tough. But everything worth doing isn’t easy and takes time in the process. So, stick at it. Workout hard, eat well, stay hydrated, stay within your calorie deficit, and allow yourself a treat.

It’ll help satiate you, it’ll help beat any cravings, and also in this whirlwind of dieting, it’ll help you keep your sanity.