Your REAL Why


Motivation is the enigma. It’s the thing we search for in times of need. The thing we require when times get hard. Sometimes motivation is plentiful. Sometimes it’s nowhere to be seen.

The reason motivation comes and goes is usually down to one thing and one thing only.

The lack of a clear goal. The lack of clarity of vision.

We set goals. We set targets. We plod along in our aim to reach said goal. But the goals and targets we are chasing are too vague to keep focus. Too soft around the edges. So, when times get tough, we lose the focus and drive.

Motivation is a very (very) short term thing. I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve woken up with the full intention of taking over the world as we know it. Totally pumped to smash every goal in front of you. Nothing will get in your way. Only for this motivation to have faded by 10am when you’re sipping away at coffee number 4 of the morning.

Sound familiar? I thought so.

So instead of setting lethargic goals, refine them. Be specific in what you want. Ultra-specific.

Pick your goal. Choose your target. Set a timeframe. And go for it. This should help you to keep focus when times get hard.

But then we get to the real reason you want to change. Your why. This is very important to maintain motivation.

Usually goals we set are external. You want to look good for holiday etc. But is this what you REALLY want? Is that your absolute passion to succeed?

I’d like you to think about why you’re really wanting change. Is it for health reasons? Aesthetic reasons? Performance reasons? Or self-belief?

It’s important to find your true why, because without it, motivation will continue to come and go. And you’ll be chasing your tail all your life.

So be honest with yourself. Be true to yourself. And find your real why. It could well change your life.