Overeating Healthy Foods

You’re exercising regularly.


You’re eating healthy foods.


But you’re not losing weight?


What the……


Confusing, right?


Well, not really.


In order to lose weight (I hate that term), we need to be in a caloric deficit. This means that we need to expend more calories than we consume. A bit like your bank balance. If you spend more money that you have, your bank balance becomes ‘slimmer’. It’s exactly the same with calories in vs calories out.


So, you’re eating healthily, but still not losing weight. Well this could well be down to the fact that you are still OVEREATING calories. Yes, that’s right. Even if a food is considered ‘healthy’, it is still possible to over consume calories. You could eat 20 apples per day and put on weight. Just because you will have overconsumed calories, not to mention a lot of sugar in the process.


So, don’t be fooled. You can still overconsume calories with ‘healthy’ foods. Just because you’re eating avocado, doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight.


It works both ways too. You could eat 4 donuts per day and lose weight. Albeit not a very healthy way to do so, but if you’re under your calorie maintenance levels, and therefore in a calorie deficit, then you will burn body fat.


Sao how can we absolutely nail this? Well it’s so simple. Count your calories. Track your food. It’s simple, and yet can open up a whole new world of nutritional value to you. You’ll discover that you can still eat foods that you love, as long as it fits your calories. If you’re active as well, then that’s an absolute winner. You’ll be burning body fat in no time, while also toning muscle, creating a more athletic physique.


So, don’t fall into the trap that if you’re eating healthy foods that you should automatically lose weight. Track your calories. Be active. And the results will come, in a safe, sustainable and fun way.