Low Fat? Or Low Carb? What Works for Fat Loss?

Low fat or low carb has long been a debate within the fat loss world. But which is best? Here’s my take…….

Back in the 80’s, fat was considered ‘evil’. Now we have people saying it is carbohydrates making us fat (The insulin hypothesis has been completely debunked at this stage), or even that we should eat “Paleo” like our ancestors, the cavemen.

Nowadays, there is plenty of solid research showing us that there is no need to demonise any food groups or macronutrients. Total energy balance is what will dictate if we burn fat effectively or not.

But, and it’s a big but, some people will still do better with a low carb or low-fat diet.

If someone carries more body-fat, they tend to do better with a higher fat intake than people who are leaner. So, if you have a very high body-fat percentage then go with a higher fat intake. If you’re leaner, go lower fat.

If you are one of those people who, when they consume a high carb meal get very hungry shortly after, go with a higher fat intake. People who train athletically or who have a more athletic physique, tend to work better on a higher carbohydrate diet.

But the key is to not be too extreme.  You will still need to make room for carbohydrates and room for fat in your diet. The main thing is adherence, and whether you can stick to a diet or not. A diet is useless if you cannot stick to it, so make sure the number 1 focus is the ability to maintain your diet.

So, as you can see, there is no magical reason as to why low carb or low fat is superior to the other. It all depends on the individual, how that individual reacts to a lower carb or lower fat diet, and if its sustainable for the long term. Find what works best in relation to creating a calorie deficit for you, and go with that.