Why Becoming ‘Obsessive’ Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

‘Obsessed!!’ That’s something you might hear from time to time from some people who don’t understand what journey you’re embarking on.

If you’re trying to better yourself. You’re trying to burn fat. Build muscle. Get fitter. Whatever it is you’re trying to do, it takes desiccation and commitment.

You may have to miss a night out. You may opt for a salad instead of a burger or pizza. You may have a diet coke instead of a glass of wine. This is all part of you trying to better yourself. Trying to achieve what you set out to achieve.

While doing this, and I know from my own personal experience, you may get a strange look from friends or colleagues. You may hear the term ‘obsessed’ flying about. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t a nice thing to hear. Here you are trying to be as good as you can to be in a more confident place with your health and physique, and someone is telling you you’re obsessed with health and fitness.

But, after being on the receiving end of this for years, I came to the conclusion that it’s a defence mechanism from them. It’s their way of making them feel better for choosing the burger instead of the salad. For choosing wine over water. They have to justify to themselves that they are making the right choice and do so by putting others down in the process.

My advice to you, if you have been victim to this, is to stay focused. Know where you are heading. Know why you are doping it. Know who you are doing it for. If you keep these in mind, it doesn’t matter what anybody else says or thinks. It’s your life. Live it how you want to. Enjoy it. Don’t be pressured into eating something you don’t want to, and then hate yourself for it. Stay on track. And know you’re bettering yourself.

Then, more often than not, the negative comment from someone can turn into something positive. ‘I’d never be able to do what you’re doing’, or even asking how you’re doing so well. These are some of the positive comments that can be a result of staying on course. So, stick to your guns, and you can end up inspiring others.

So, as you can see, even if someone calls you ‘obsessed’ it doesn’t actually mean you are. It’s just a form of dedication and commitment to your cause.

Anyway, becoming obsessed with something isn’t always a bad thing. Some people are obsessed with making money. Some with watching Netflix. You’re just ‘obsessed’, with your own health and fitness, confidence and physique. I know what I’d rather be obsessed with.