How Are You Staying Positive??

How Are You Staying Positive??

If you’re finding social isolation tough, you’re not alone. If there is any comfort in all of this, it’s knowing we all in this together.

But out of the darkness comes light, and hopefully these tips will help you to see the brighter side of things, amongst the current darkness.


Having a routine

With so many of us looking for some form of normality in life right now, having a routine seems to be a very sensible idea. You could start the day with a workout or making sure you don’t work from home in your PJ’s, making sure you have a set routine during the day will create much needed structure to your life, in a time when the world is in disarray.


Get the job done

Stop putting off chores that you’ve intended to do for months. Now is the time do utilize the free time you find on your hands. Get all the jobs done that you’ve been putting off. Finally sort out the garden. Clear the wardrobes. As life slows down momentarily, now is a great time to get organised.


Cook healthy food

Never had enough time to cook healthy, nutritious meals? Well now you do. Now is the time to make the most of your culinary skills. And if you have no culinary skills, now is the time to learn. Healthy food will not only boost your mood (which we all need right now), but it will also help your energy levels.

However, don’t feel like you can’t enjoy treats now and again. This is a stressful time in life, and a bit of comfort food is needed sometimes. But make sure the majority of your food is packed with goodness, and you can allow for junk food now and again. That relaxed approach to your diet may be just what you need right now.


Exercising at home

At this moment in time, being active isn’t as easy as it ‘used’ to be, but we have to adapt. And that’s where home workouts can come in. Not only will it be fantastic for your physical health, but for your mental health too. You may have been a regular gym goer, or attended most spin classes at your local gym, but instead of fretting about how difficult time away from these will be, use it as an opportunity to train and exercise in a different way. You can work on your mobility, flexibility, core or stamina. You never know, you may find a new passion in fitness, you just don’t know it yet.


Train your mind

As our lives have slowed down, some of you are trying to slow your minds down too. Times like this can leave you feeling pretty anxious, but many of you are tackling this head on by practising mindfulness, yoga, and just generally trying to live in the moment. Rather than resisting, some of you are retraining your brains to accept the situation and make the best of it. So today, let’s celebrate mental strength, as well as the physical.

Meditation will really help to relax your mind. Life is stressful at the moment. And switching off from everything can be tough. Just 10 minutes of meditation or yoga each day can help you to relax and start to achieve a peace of mind that is more than needed.


Dreaming of happier times

Many of you are putting a smile on your face by dreaming of days back in the gym, or spending time with friends and family again. It certainly makes you appreciate everything you could do and everything there is to look forward to when this is over. One day we’ll all be back seeing friends, travelling, and training, so if you’re having a wobble, just remember that THIS WILL END.


Learning a new skill

Now is the time to learn a new skill. Want to master a certain yoga pose? Learn to bake? A new language? Or even learn to knit? A new skill and goal can help you to get excited and help to give you clarity and vision. A chance to improve week by week. Now is your time to do so, more than ever.


Spending quality time

This is a great time to build relationships, even though we are in the grasp of ‘social’ isolation. Technology has never been so efficient at helping us to socialise, via video calls or regular telephone calls. Enjoy spending time with your kids and loved ones. This is a time to improve and build upon our relationships, and maybe even reignite old ones.


Stronger Community

You can even do your bit for the local community. Again, we are faced with the chance to help others, and by volunteering for charities or supermarkets and even the NHS, we can all help to pull through this together. Even by just staying at home and acknowledging that this is helping the cause can help to fill us with positivity and keep fighting the fight.


So the take home message……..

While there’ll be ups and downs, we’re all in this together and finding all sorts of fun new things to do while we stay home. Remember to use this time wisely. Reach out to loved ones and use the tools available to stay positive. This is precious time you’ve been given to use however you want, whether that’s exercising, catching up on TV series, or enjoying time with loved ones. Keep positive and keep dreaming about times when this all blows over.