Flexible Dieting

Flexible Dieting?
Flexible dieting is becoming very popular. It’s based around the notion that there are no ‘bad foods’. So you can eat a variety of different foods, including those that you love (we all know the ones), and still reach your fat loss goals.
I tend to approach this way of nutrition for the majority of my clients as I find it is a much more sustainable way of achieving results, and it allows for more freedom with social life.
The idea that you can eat a chocolate bar a day and still lose weight may seem ridiculous, but it’s more than possible.
You can even go out for beers or cocktails, and still achieve results.
As long as you stay within your calorie target for whatever your goal is, and you maintain a sufficient level of protein in your diet to help support your recovery, and maintain lean muscle mass, in conjunction with a training and exercise program, you can easily achieve your goal via this method.
All it takes is tracking your calories and macronutrients via the many food logging apps now available, and you’re all set.
Enjoy your food. Enjoy the process of flexible dieting. Exercise regularly. And achieve any result you want!