Should you track your calories??

Tracking Your Calories and Why it’s SO Important!
You will most probably have heard this A LOT! If you want to lose body fat or build muscle, you must track your calories.
While this is correct, it also isn’t…..
Bear with me…..
So tracking calories is a sure fire way to get you results. It tells you exactly how much energy you are putting into your body, and how much you need to adapt that to get your desired result. It takes out the guesswork. It makes things more structured. If you do this well, you will get results.
You might feel that tracking and weighing your food isn’t for you. You may feel it’s time consuming. While I disagree, I can empathise it’s not for everyone.
That’s why you can take the ‘trial and error’ method.
This is when you eat your daily intake, and wait to see any difference in your body composition. You will eat a certain way for a few weeks, usually the same foods, and see how your body has changed in terms of measurement sizes and weight. If nothing has changed, you need to reduce the amount of food you eat slightly, then try again. If you have lost size and weight, then keep that method going.
The issue with this is that it takes ages. And it’s difficult to know where you are going wrong, and which foods to cut out.
The beauty of tracking your calories is that it makes it so much simpler, and so much quicker. No guesswork, just statistics and data helping you reach your eresults.
Tracking calories also gives you much more flexibility with your diet. You can manipulate your calories to fit in chocolate, cake, sweets and ice cream, as long as it’s within your goal.
So tracking calories….yes or no??
It’s a mahusive YES from me!!!