Step Counting/N.E.A.T

Believe it or not, you’ll burn way more calories by hitting a daily step goal and focusing on being as active as possible.

When you work out, you’ll burn a certain amount of calories yes, but this only makes up a portion of the calories you burn daily.

The larger portion of calories burned comes through step count and N.E.A.T. Or Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This is basically when you use energy and burn calories through movements such as fiddling with your hands when on the telephone or having to use the stairs because the lift is out of service. They sound simple, but they burn a surprisingly large amount of calories.

So focus on these two aspects of your active daily lifestyle, and then a workout can be the icing on the cake, and can help compliment your goals.

But first, set a step goal for each day. Instead of the generic 10,000 steps, why not push the boat out a little. Why not aim for 12,000 per day. Over the course of a week it will be an extra 14,000 steps. That could make all the difference!