Volumise Your Meals

When you sit down for a meal, what do you see?
A plate full of vegetables. A plate full of salads. So full it’s almost falling off the sides?
Or a burger, sitting there, lonely, full of calories.
If you’re looking to burn body fat, you need to be in a caloric deficit. BUT, you don’t want to feel hungry either.
That’s why making your meals as large as possible, using low calorie foods, will be the best way to go about things. Your stomach will feel full, for minimal calories.
Use the olive oil analogy…… If you had 400 calories of olive oil in a glass, it wouldn’t be much. Oils tend to be very high in calories. So say you drank that glass of oil, as there is such a small amount, it wouldn’t fill your stomach.
Now let’s look at 400 calories worth of lower calorie foods. Vegetables, salads etc. If you ate that, then your stomach would be full, meaning you won’t be hungry.
So when it comes to mealtimes, you can still eat big portions, BUT you have to be aware of how many calories are in the foods you are eating, and if that meal will fill you up or not.
Because if you’re still hungry after a meal, even though it’s been a calorie dense meal, you’re still likely to reach for the biscuit tin at some point that night.
And that ain’t no good for fat loss!!