New Gym Life

So, the return to the gym edges closer and closer. Some may be looking to return with anticipation, some with caution, and some won’t be looking to return at all. Or not for a little while anyway.

Whatever your thoughts are on the matter, I thought I’d try and make the situation seem as comfortable as possible for you and discuss some of the new protocols that will be expected in a new gym environment.

First things first, if you feel unwell or have any of the symptoms that Covid-19 brings with it, please do not go to the gym. It’s for your own safety, as well as everybody else.

So how will the gym look? Well firstly, a lot cleaner. Gyms will be taking the cleanliness of the equipment, and the wellbeing of their customers very seriously! So be prepared for a lot more wiping down of machines and free weights. A lot more sanitising stations. And a lot more staff cleaning around you as you work out.

Social distancing is also still a large part of controlling the spread of the virus, and in the gym this is no different. So, when in the gym, social distance from others will still be very important. My advice…..stick to your machine or workout station for the duration of your working reps and sets. Don’t jump from machine to machine. Get the work done on the equipment you need to, wipe it down, then move to your next exercise.

Make sure you are continuously wiping down the equipment. I’d suggest both before and after use. This way you can make sure the equipment is clean prior to the exercise, and also safe for someone else to use after you.

Whether you wear a mask is entirely up to you. Through my experience of wearing a mask in supermarkets, I have found them difficult to breathe to a certain degree, which isn’t ideal in a gym environment or for exercise in general. But unless its gym protocol to wear one, I’d say the choice is yours and how confident you feel. Nobody is here to judge; everyone just wants a good workout.

Respecting the rules and the facilities and acknowledging that the facility is doing everything it can to help you feel safe, is important too. If you do head back to the gym, make sure you are adhering to the rules. Making sure you are putting equipment back. Wiping it down before and after use.

So basically, I feel if we all pull together. If we all abide by the new rules and regulations. If we all stay as safe as possible, then we can keep things clean, secure, and completely safe.

But it’s not just the gym facilities that need to be on top form. It’s also the gym users!

Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Strong!!