Living In Fear

There are only a few things that stop us achieving something that we would like to achieve.

1. A lack of physical or mental ability
2. Or a lack of self-belief

Both of which can be improved and worked upon, to help you get better and strive towards your goals. You can improve your physical ability with practice. With exercise. With training.

You can improve your intelligence by learning. Reading more. Challenging and stimulating your mind in different ways.

But now onto self-belief, and the reason for today’s article.

As a personal trainer, I come across a lot of people, all with different goals and aspirations. But usually there is a common theme with the majority of people who come to me seeking help with their health and fitness, and that is a limited amount of self-belief.

It’s not uncommon, and it certainly isn’t out of the ordinary. But it always brings me to the questions as to why they have such limited belief in themselves as people.

I’m firmly of the belief that we all have amazing aspects to ourselves. We also all have things we need to work on. But the one thing we should have in abundance, is a belief in ourselves that we can do pretty much anything we set our mind to.

And this lack of belief usually stems from a certain level of fear. A fear of failure. A fear of looking silly in front of your friends or family. A fear of letting yourself down.

But if we always lived in fear, then we’d accomplish nothing.

If Neil Armstrong was fearful of stepping on the moon, he wouldn’t be (arguably) one of the most famous people to have ever lived.

And while we need to be fearful of certain things, (like an attack from a lion or falling off a cliff), we also need to be aware that the things we normally associate with being fearful (tripping up in public or not feeling comfortable in front of people in a swimming costume), are not worth stressing over.

Everybody is dealing with their own insecurities and issues, and you making a mistake is literally a passing moment in their life. Yes, it might seem a big deal to you, but to them, they will acknowledge it for a second and forget about it. And if they don’t, then I’m firmly of the belief that their life holds a pretty sad and lonely existence. May sound harsh, but that’s what I think.

So, I hope you can see that being afraid of something, whether starting up at a new gym and feeling intimidated, or not feeling great in a dress you used to wear a few years ago, isn’t worth wasting your precious time and energy over. Instead of feeling fearful of what others may think, own it!! Show confidence. Show pride.

Be happy with who you are.

We all have things we want to work on and improve upon. It’s part of our DNA.

But never feel ashamed or scared of doing anything because you are worried what someone else will say.

If you are lying on your death bed, you are far more likely to regret the actions you didn’t take, than the actions you did!

Don’t let someone else’s opinion deprive you of living your life to the fullest!!