Keeping Things ‘Interesting’

If we do too much of something, it can become tedious. We can become stale. It can become ‘boring’.

And your exercise is certainly no different. Repeating the same thing over and over again, is not only boring for the mind, but also un-stimulating for your body too.

Albert Einstein once said, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’.

And I can’t help but feel he is right. In all walks of life.

Especially fitness.

We cannot expect to do the same exercises, at the same intensity, every time we exercise, and expect to improve. It isn’t stimulating for the body. And in order for your body to progress and for you to start seeing the results you want, we have to challenge the body in different ways, and create a different stimulus so that the body can adapt, repair, and improve.

And it doesn’t just affect our bodies when we don’t change our training. It effects the mind more than anything.

Yes, you may feel safe and secure doing the same thing over and over, you’re in your comfort zone. But we all know that sitting in the comfort zone doesn’t result in progress. And before long, you will more than likely become frustrated that you are not seeing results and start to become irritated that all of your hard work is not really paying off.

You’re getting bored.

So, mixing up your exercise, and your training, is paramount to achieve results, but also to keep you motivated.

So, we can approach this in a few ways. You can consistently change up your gym routine and use some of the vast array of exercises available to stimulate your body and mind, to help challenge yourself to improve and keep motivated. Or, you can combine your gym workouts with different forms of exercise. Things such as long walks, or a run. Cycling or swimming. Yoga or Pilates. Even tennis or other ball sports. There is a limitless amount of opportunities to challenge your body, to create enough stimulus, to help the body improve, and in turn keep the mind fresh and excited.

And that’s the key here. Being EXCITED! I want you to be excited about exercise. Not see it as a chore! And if you can get excited about your exercise, you’ll be able to stay active for a long time to come!

Experiment. Have fun. Be active. And stay healthy!