Seriously, what is going on?!

Seriously, what is going on?!
All I seem to be doing right now is get p*ssed off with how health and fitness is being overlooked and brushed aside.
I mean, your health is THE most important thing in life.
Not money.
Not holidays.
Not even your job/career.
Without your health, you have nothing.
So the latest government decision from 10 Downing street, is again, baffling to me.
”Exercise outside is encouraged.”
Ok, but it’s literally dark until 8.30am and gets dark at 4pm. So how is that a safe way to exercise?? Nobody will do it. It’s too cold and dark. It’s not realistic.
And, yes, it’s ‘only’ 4 weeks ‘lockdown’ (FYI I f*cking hate that word). But it’s not the fact of someone putting on a few pounds that’s the real issue here. You will be able to lose those pounds again in no time, if you actually put any on at all. That can be reversed.
The real issue?? I have experienced first hand, through myself and through others, that its the mental relief that exercise brings that is 80% of the reason exercise is amazing.
I saw the s*n newspaper refer to people who use the gym as ‘fitness fanatics’. WOW. We all know this newspaper isn’t fit to wipe someone’s ar*e, but the vast majority of people who go to the gym don’t do so to look ‘shredded’, or build big muscles.
They do it to feel good. It’s a mental escape from any problems they have. It’s a chance to get endorphins flowing through the body. It’s a MAJOR stress relief.
So again, I am questioning the government’s decisions through this health pandemic. I feel there will be a lot more people struggling with mental health through this second ‘lockdown’, than people struggling with the virus itself.
How do I know??
I was there once myself!