Get A Head Start on 2021

So, 2020 hasn’t been the greatest year on record. It’s been a challenge pretty much since January 1st, and the slow realization that Covid-19 was going to become a real issue the whole world over.

And as we are approaching the end of the year, we are still none the wiser about what on earth is going on, and when we can actually resume some form of ‘normality’.

We could sit at home (sometimes enforced) and allow the rest of the year to pass us by. We could write off 2020 and throw in the towel. We could sit back and wait for 2021 to kick in with the possibility of a much more positive, and brighter year.

But that would be playing into the hands of negativity. That would make the whole year a complete write off. And while some of you may feel that it has been, I feel we can still make the remainder of this year something special.

It’s all about your perspective.

Instead of letting this year get the better of you, let’s look forwards to 2021. You may be feeling that ‘2021 is going to be the year you make big changes’. That it’s going to be ‘your year’.

That’s great. Let’s make 2021 an amazing year. But I have an idea first and foremost.

Let’s get a head start on 2021. Let’s use the next 5-6 weeks and give ourselves a run up towards the greatest year of your life. Fair deal? I think so.

So instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, let’s start making moves. Start hitting 10,000 steps each day. Let’s start drinking more water. Let’s start making good food choices. Let’s start doing more workouts (at home or in the gym). Let’s start focusing on more sleep. Let’s get a head start on 2021.

Let’s make sure 2021 will be great. No matter what the external circumstances may be.

There is a lot we don’t have control over in the world right now. But we do have control over one thing.

Your body and your health. You hold the cards. You are in charge!!

Let’s give ourselves the best chance to make next year amazing.

But don’t let this year slip away. Make the rest of 2020 count!!

And start implementing small habitual changes (like the ones I mentioned above), into your daily life.

If you need any help with your nutrition or exercise structure, or would just like some advice, the send me an email at mark@zenithfit.co.uk or send me a message on Facebook (Zenith_fit) or Instagram (Zenith_fit).