5 Simple Daily Habit Changes to Help you Lose Body Fat

When we think of fat loss, we don’t necessarily think that we need to change habits. But this is one of the most overlooked aspects of fat loss. The ability to change your habits to help reduce body fat is often overlooked.


One of the main reasons people fail at succeeding with fat loss is that they take on too much, too soon. They try to change everything at once.


Now I’m not saying that certain people can’t take a lot of information on board and make it work very well for them, but there is a large proportion of people that simply can’t do this. They fail to understand that they just aren’t ready for wholesale changes yet.


Throughout my career, I have come across people who state that they have tried everything they possibly can to change their physique and the way they look. Every diet, every program, every ‘fat loss potion’ that has ever been created, yet they are still nowhere near where they want to be. The one constant that the majority of these people are experiencing is the ability to make something stick.


Our lives are full of the habit we have created over time. The majority of things throughout the day that we do are habitual, but these habits aren’t necessarily the habits that will get you the results you crave.


Definition of A Habit

A habit is defined as an acquired pattern of behaviour that often occurs automatically.

You may not be aware, but your current habits, outside of going to the gym or exercising, are the very habits that are stopping you losing body fat. There is so much more to fat loss than just exercising and following a workout program. You have to take accountability for what you are trying to achieve.

You don’t realise it but your current habits away from going to the gym and working with your trainer are the very ones that are stopping you get in shape. There’s more to fat loss than just working out and following a program, you have to take accountability for what you’re trying to achieve.

Here are a few habits that a lot of people struggle with:

  1. Getting up late and pressing snooze on the alarm
  2. Have a drink in the evening after work which ends up with snacking on junk food
  3. Not being in control of your work schedule, leaving you with no control over your time
  4. Staying up late at night watching television or on social media
  5. Lack of preparation with your meals, resorting to buying fast food when in a hurry


If you want to get into great shape, these are not the habits that will help you do so.

So how can we change these habits to help you reach your goals?

  1. Try Getting up 45 minutes earlier
    This would allow you the time to prepare healthy food before you start your day
  2. Get motivated and exercise with a family member or partner in the evening
    Helping to increase your activity levels, making it more enjoyable, and keeping you away from ordering a takeaway after a long day at work
  3. Take ownership of your schedule
    Schedule in your own meetings into your diary, and always allow room for exercise and to prepare your meals
  4. Set a standard bedtime every night
    By going to bed at the same earlier time every night you will find it so much easier to wake up and you will also have a lot more energy to train in the day
  5. Prepare your meals with you to avoid snacking or buying fast food
    When you prepare an array of healthy, wholesome foods, you will be more in control of your diet and your energy levels

Habits can have a huge knock-on effect with each other. So, if you get up earlier, you have more time to prepare your food. When you prepare your food better, you’re less likely to snack on poor food choices during the day. This will help you feel more energetic in the evenings to have a great workout or training session. The knock-on effect can be huge!

Habits can reinforce each other leading to a chain of events towards success.

Hitting targets is a vital part of fat loss. And every habit that you successfully integrate into your life is a goal achieved. This is a monumental motivational tool to go alongside body measurements or progress pictures.


Top tip on how to change your habits:

To prevent taking on too much in one go, choose one habit at a time from the list above. Then stick to that habit for 21 days. Its regarded that 21 days is long enough to create a new habit. I have used this technique time and time again with great success.

Don’t try and introduce a new habit before you have cemented one into your daily routine.

Try your first habit change and stick to it for 21 days. Let me know how you get on.

Have you got out of a routine and noticed bad habits creeping in over the last few months? We have been helping many clients get back into a result focused routine and achieve their health and fitness goals.

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