The Key To Losing Body Fat & Keeping It off

When something is a passion of yours, we know it’s a lot easier to stick to it. We also understand that you will stick to something if you truly want great results, and you have a clear vision and clarity that it’s something you really want to achieve.


In a lot of cases, getting into great shape, or losing body fat isn’t actually someone’s passion. It’s more of a short-term goal, and it’s not something people tend to give a lot of thought to.


You may think that to get started on your journey, that you will need to make wholesale changes to your lifestyle, and plan into the future.


However, this really isn’t the case.


The people who have lost weight and are in what you would consider ‘great shape’, are the ones who made small changes to their lifestyle. Things like making slightly healthier food choices or joining a gym. Before they knew it the aspects of their life that they changed started to snowball, and then became a big part of their life. This is why making small daily habitual changes will lead to long term, more sustainable results.


There are a lot of people who fluctuate with their weight or body composition, for months, and possibly years, before it eventually becomes something that they find easier to manage.


I know, I did this!


Many also overlook the fact that achieving results will require change. Change to your social life, daily habits, and who you are on an emotional level.


The reason for this article is to not place too much focus on the future from the very beginning of your journey. To get started, surround yourself with people who are on a similar path, or who have been through the process before. Learn from them. Don’t get frustrated. Be patient. Enjoy the process, and I promise you it’ll all become a huge part of your life.


If you focus too much on the future at the beginning, it will become daunting. And often this results in pulling out for the fear of the change you see before you.


Enjoy the process and journey. It’s truly inspiring!


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