When “feeling better’ isn’t enough…

“I want to feel better”

When I ask someone what they want to achieve, this is an answer I hear a lot.

And my response??

If you’re struggling with being anxious, feeling low on energy, or feeling stressed, this is the most important thing you’ll need to hear today!

Just wanting to “feel better’, is nowhere near clear enough to actually make change!


You wouldn’t go into a business meeting without any clear goals and targets.

You wouldn’t go on holiday without knowing exactly where you’re going and what time.

So why on earth would just “feeling better” be a clear enough plan to actually change and feel better?

When your goal is as vague as this one, when you inevitably lose momentum, motivation and focus after 3 weeks, you will get into a vicious cycle of stopping, and starting again.

BUT, you would NEVER fall far off the wagon if you had a vision, and a clear goal in mind.

When you are clear about what you want to achieve, and to what standard.

So let’ look at what is needed for ultimate focus:

1. What needs to be done?
2. What standard does it need to be done?

As simple as that.

Once you’re crystal clear on what your goal is, What needs to be done to achieve it, and to what level or standard you want to achieve……

You will hardly ever, if ever, need “motivation”

All you need is clarity!