Rest Day? Cheat Day?

Should You Take a Rest Day?? Should you have a cheeseburger??

Well, this can differ!


For one person, doing a workout is the right choice.


Getting out of bed and getting a workout done will benefit your health and make us feel a sense of accomplishment.


But for somebody else, a rest day is the right choice.


Giving your body and mind a well deserved break so you can relax and recover, enjoying some downtime without feeling too worried or anxious that it will ruin your progress.


The same goes for eating an apple, or a cheeseburger.


For one person, eating an apple is the right choice, as it helps them feel proud that they have made a healthy decision.


For someone else, eating a cheeseburger will make them feel proud, as they can eat it without feeling guilty and knowing that it won’t ruin their progress.


You see, there is no one size fits all. We all have different goals and preferences that suit our own prerogative.


Make a decision that makes you proud. Make a decision that makes you say, “yeah, that was the right call”.


Trust yourself to make the right decision.


Because the right decision for you, is usually the hardest decision to make.


You will make the odd mistake, sure.


I do all the time, even now!


But don’t let a mistake dictate your future.


And always make a decision that makes you feel proud that you choose to do so.


So whether you take a rest day or not, or eat a healthy meal or not….


Make sure that the reason you chose to do it was in aid of you feeling accomplished, and proud of that decision.


Make sense?