The 40% Rule

The 40% rule!


Our brains are designed to protect us.


But the problem is…..it can protect us so much, it doesn’t allow growth.


Your mind chooses the path of least resistance.


Because it’s all comfortable and cosy there.


The brain only allows us to push our limits to 40% of our capabilities.


Because it wants to protect you.


Which is nice of it I must say.


It wants to avoid that uncomfortable feeling.


It wants to avoid discomfort.


Ofcourse, this can be useful at times. When we are standing on the edge of a cliff, or about to jump into shark infested waters.


That’s when the brain’s protective mechanism can be very useful for obvious reasons.


But when it comes to pushing yourself physically and mentally to improve your health, fitness and mentality.


All too often we stop waaay short of what we are actually capable of.


The brain is an amazing thing….but the brain controls you.


To improve…..


You must control it!!


Or your mind will guide you to all the nice places your brain wants to live in.


Your brain wants to be comfortable and peaceful.


But if you want to improve, you have to push through the 40%.


You still have 60% left to give!!


You still have 60% more to push yourself.


If you want to change….


If you want to lose body fat….


If you want to get fitter, stronger, healthier….


You have to push through that comfortable place your mind wants to be in….


To fulfil your true potential.